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"Jim DeWitt's understanding of the sport of sailboat racing at the highest level uniquely qualifies him to detail his work like no other artist is capable of doing."

Buddy Melges, America's Cup and Olympic Champion

"Jim DeWitt's art is for those who have an abiding love of sailboats and sailboat racing, and appreciate sailing art that makes you feel the wind and hear the bow wave tumble.

Bruce Kirby, America's Cup and Laser Dinghy Yacht Designer

"Jim DeWitt's work is distinctive even among today's inventive marine artists. It combines a unique personal vision and the very characteristics that make him one of the nation's most successful yacht racers - tremendous vitality, thirst for action, sensitivity to balance, commitment to harmony, and unequaled understanding of the equipment used to go to fast over it - with a highly developed sense of color, design and proportion reflecting years of dedication to the craft of painting. Rarely has an artist been able to distill the essence of modern yacht racing and translate it into two dimensions with such a powerful contemporary feeling."

J. Russell Jinishian, former Director of Mystic Maritime Museum Art Gallery

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